User Guide

Here you’ll find many videos describing the features of Netharbour.


  • Service management
  • Device management
  • IP address planner (IPAM) IPv4, IPv6 and VLAN management
  • Out of the box Cacti like graphs
  • Secure password manager
  • Nagios like monitoring
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Plugin framework
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Location management
  • Contact management

A description of all features can be found here: Product Overview.

Software and database design

The primary user interface is a web interface. We use PHP as our main web programming language.
All the database tables should be available to the programmer as php objects. The programmer should not have to use, or at very limited, direct mysql queries. Instead the programmer will have a number of classes available for selecting, reading, adding and updating objects.
By doing this we make a separation between the database layer and the web programming layer. The glue in this case are the PHP classes. This will allow the developers to work separately on the web interface and database design. We could in theory replace complete tables with out changing the webgui php scripts.
MySQL is used as the backend, the database design can be found here: database design.